Inside Out

I had a wonderful time seeing this movie! There has been so much hype over this movie because Pixar did not have a movie come out last year, and 2 are coming out this year. The story starts out when you meet Riley, an 11 year old girl and her emotions Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust.

It’s really hard to discribe the rest because it might give away some plot points, but it’s good! This movie is awesome. I had a blast. The trailers didn’t give much away so that made me enjoy it a little more and be suprised. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry Pixar just knows how to make emotional, heartfelt, and funny brililant movies. See it!

Taryn ūüôā

IO poster


Avengers Age of Ultron

WOW!!!! I had so much fun watching this movie! I was completely engrossed in this movie from¬†beginning to the end. The story starts out with the Avengers fighting in the woods to try to get Loki’s scepter from HYDRA. Then Tony Stark and Dr. Banner have this idea to create an artificial Intelligence called Ultron to protect earth from an alien invasion. But it goes terribly wrong, and Ultron bulids a metal body and has ideas to “save the world” by “reseting it”. So the Avengers try to stop him. I loved this movie!! The action sequences were amazing! And I loved the humor and how it balanced out the action and the darker elements. There is also new characters Quicksliver, Scarlett Witch, and The Vision, and they are all great. It is rated PG-13 just to let you know. I had a great time! I hope you go see it!

AAOU poster


Last week I saw Home and I’m glad I did! Recently Dreamworks Animation has been in financial trouble because their most recent movies have been “flops,” even though critics¬†and I¬†liked them. The movie tells the story of an alien race called the Boov who are very cowardly. When they invade earth, they take the humans to one place and keep them there. When one young girl named Tip gets left behind, she goes on an adventure with a misunderstood Boov named Oh to find her mom and stop the Boov. The voice cast did great! It kinda takes the movie a while to get the plot¬†in place, but when it does it is realy good.



McFarland USA

Hey guys I’m back!!! I’m sorry I missed my Blog-Aversary for 2 years ūüė¶ but I’ve been so busy. Now this is my first review of the year, and I’m glad it is!!! I don’t know why not a lot of people go see Disney’s based on true story sports movies, but some of them are really good like this one. It takes place in 1987. When football coach Jim White gets fired at a high school, he gets a job as PE teacher and assistant football coach in McFarland, California, a very poor and mainly Mexican town. When he meets 7 kids in his class who are fast runners, he decides to start a cross-country team. Overall this is a great movie with humor and lots of heart. I would not suggest taking younger kids to this. Also this movie is kinda long and they could have left out some parts that weren’t too necessary to the plot. See it!!


Top 10 of the Year

Hey peoples. Finally, it’s my top 10 of the year. Disney had some awesome movies this year. So here is my list

  1. Big Hero 6
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy
  3. The LEGO Movie
  4. Into the Woods
  5. Corner Gas the Movie (review coming soon)
  6. Night at the Museum 3
  7. Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day
  8. Maleficent
  9. Muppets Most Wanted
  10. How to Train Your Dragon 2

Thanks for a great year!     Taryn

Into the Woods

Now I had high expectations for this because I was in a local theatre’s production of this, and I enjoyed the movie¬†a lot! Now this was originally an English play that was really popular in England that came to Broadway. It’s about all these fairy tale characters who go “Into the Woods” to get their¬†wishes, but instead, their wishes turn¬†into nightmares. There is Cinderella, Jack and the beanstalk, Rapunzel, and the Baker and his Wife. I was realy surprised by the part of the cast who never been in a musical role before and the people from Broadway. People who are not familiar with the story will be surprised. And hope you will enjoy it. See It! ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Taryn


Night at the Museum 3

I realy enjoyed this movie. I was not fan of the first one but I liked the 2nd one and I think this is the best one. Larry Daily and the gang are back in the third installment of the franchise. When the magical tablet starts to lose its power, they have to go to London to find the exhibit that made the tablet to save the museum. The cast is all great, but my favorite character is the British security guard. She is just so funny. I also like the 2 mini figures from the other movies. This is, in my opinion, the best in the franchise because the story is so funny and heartfelt. So see it.




Hi peoples I have not blogged recently. So I just wanted to let you know that I am planning to see 4 more movies this year. Can you belive its the end of the year!! So here is the movies im planing to see.

annie            CGTM

NATM              ITW

Big Hero 6

This movie is amazing!!!¬†It takes place in a fictional town called San Fransokyo (a town mixture of San Francisco and Tokyo). When a robotics prodigy, Tadashi Hamada, shows his brother Hiro his college that has cool robotics and kids of his age, he is determined to get in. Hiro¬†gets into the prestigious school, but the night of his presentation, there is¬†a fire and Tadashi dies. After that Hiro teams up¬†Baymax (Tadashi’s invention). They meet a villain who stole Hiro’s invention. So with help from fellow college¬†students and friends Go Go Tamago, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Fred and Baymax, they bulid their own super gears and powers based on their talents and try to stop him. ¬†It’s a roller coaster ride of action, humor and emotions.I love Baymax but I would like to see some more of the rest of the team. On the other hand, it has a stellar voice cast and great storytelling, it is a movie for everyone. Don’t forget to stick around for the after-credits scene. See It! Also you should check out Beyond the Trailer’s Big Hero 6 fan reaction on Youtube–I’m in it!!



Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Wow! This movie will have you on the edge on the your seat with all the action and very bad things that happen.The story starts off with the day before the awful one. Alexander has had a bad day and his family had a great day. The next day the family’s day heads south fast. I enjoyed this. It was very entertaining with a realy good ending. The movie would not have¬†worked without this amazing cast that brought the emotion and laughter that is nothing that the title says.See it!